Membership Eligibility: You MUST HAVE PARTICIPATED in one or more BACKSTAGE, FRONT OF
HOUSE or COMMITTEE (such as publicity, fundraising or play reading) areas during the preceding or the
current membership year. Please contact with questions or concerns.


  1. Assistant Director: assisting the director, as needed, for a production.
  2. Building & Grounds: help with building maintenance, grounds clean-up, landscaping, trimming, etc.
  3. Choreographer: design choreography for musical; instructing the cast in said choreography.
  4. Costumes: assist with costuming a show, including obtaining sizes, pulling costumes from stock, occasional altering and/or making costumes; help with maintenance of costume inventory, obtaining costumes & materials; assist with cleaning of costumes.
  5. Director: must meet Showtimers criteria for directing of a production.
  6. Hospitality: help with opening night parties including contacting people to donate items, scheduling help, setting up and cleaning after parties.
  7. Lights & Sound: help with setting up of lights and/or sound; running lights and/or sound for a production.
  8. Music Director: instruct cast in learning music for production; possibility of being apart of rehearsal and/or performance accompanist.
  9. Play-Reading: serve on the committee to read submitted plays for upcoming season & recommend a slate of plays to the board of directors.
  10. Producer: to serve as a liaison between the show staff and the board of directors; oversee completion of all necessary paperwork; oversee budget and collect receipts for reimbursement; handle all poster/flyer/ad-design, photography, playbill (handle by yourself or find help); pick up and deliver printed materials as necessary; handle any problems within production or refer problems to proper person.
  11. Props: help find props needed for a show, maintain prop inventory and keep prop inventory organized.
  12. Publicity: publicize ALL Showtimers events, productions, socials and to help with fundraising for the theatre (website, social media, print media etc.).
  13. Running Crew: help backstage during a production including props, curtain, assisting with costume changes, set changes, etc.
  14. Sets: help with construction and painting of show sets.
  15. Stage Manager: assist at auditions, write blocking during rehearsals, follow script and make line notes during rehearsals; call cues; run production during performances.