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Our Seating

Showtimers theatre has eleven rows of seats, in one block, with an aisle down each side.
The stage and seating area are approximately the same width.

In our theatre, row A is at the back, with row K at the stage.

Rows A through H have 12 seats each.
Rows I through K have 14 seats each.

Rows A through F are permanent theatre seats, on elevated steps.

Rows G through K are on a flat surface.
Seat number 1 in each of these front five rows may also be removed easily, for use of wheelchairs. Please let us know this when making reservations.
These rows may be reached from the hallway, for those who need to avoid steps.

On the left side of our building is a ramp to the
front porch, next to the handicapped parking

Whether purchased by phone, e-mail or internet,
tickets are held at the theatre
and may be picked up at the box office window upon arrival.

The box office opens one hour prior to curtain.
Seating begins 30 minutes prior to curtain.
There is generally one fifteen-minute intermission.

Payment by credit or debit must be made in advance.
We accept MasterCard, Visa & Discover cards.

Payment at box office at time of show is by cash or check only.

Gift certificates are available year-round.

Comedies and dramas are performed
Wednesday through Saturday nights at 8
and Sunday afterno
at 2
for two weeks.

Musicals are performed
Thursday through Saturday
nights at 8
and Sunday afternoons at 2
for three weeks.

Tickets for adults are $12 for comedies and dramas
and $15 for musicals.

Tickets for those age 18 and under are $5 for all shows.

 To order tickets, you may call our box office at

(540) 774-2660

(877) 336-9294, toll-free

or email your requests to

Box office hours are Monday-Friday, 1 to 5 p.m.

For information on gift certificates and on group rates, please contact our box office.

Tickets for shows may be purchased online. Click the link below, type in 'Showtimers' as the search word, and select the show and date. Please note that there is an additional charge for tickets purchased online. This fee does not apply to tickets purchased directly through our box office, whether by cash, check or credit card.

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(Tickets purchased on-line are held at the theatre, to be picked up at the box office window upon your arrival.)


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